Douglas Little was responsible for the set & scent design for the Queen of Night at Paramount Hotel, Diamond Horseshoe, New York City.

“New York’s Hottest Nightlife Event,” says New York Magazine.

“Subterranean Acts of Sudden Intimacy,” and a “A circus of intimate sensation,” says the New York Times.

Press clippings from Interior Design Magazine

“Chandeliers that have “crashed” to the floor in dusty corners are among the contributions from Douglas Little, display desinger for Bergdorf Goodman and Van Cleef & Arpels. Little embellished every surface to within an inch of its life, with such courture details as buttefly and beetle wings completely covering a wall and a tabletop. He also created large scenic gestures. The mad Distillery is a bubbling, belching laboratory of a cocktail bar that servces speciality drinks overseen by Rubell. In the restroom, LEDs cycle btween red and blue to pull out two alternating patterns in the wallpaper. So a pleasant William Morris-esque floral transmutes into roiling snakes while you refresh your lip gloss. Transforming a suite of rooms backstage into intimate performance spaces, Little created an ethereal boudoir for the Queen entirely out of white wax, from the “boiserie” to the stalactite ceiling.” — William L. Hamilton

“Divine Decadence is on the table at Queen of the Night, an almost absurdly deluxe dinner circus nightclub experience,” says by immersive theater king Randy Weiner.

“Sinfully Lavish Dinner Theater Madness” — The Daily Beast.